Versatile timber lends itself to every stage of construction

Wood invigorates interior decoration

Wood invigorates interior decoration

Timber is a traditional and versatile construction material that serves equally well as a load-bearing structure, insulation and cladding. Its share of all construction materials in Finland is in the region of 40 per cent.

Timber is a popular construction material due to its good technical properties. It is easy to machine and has diverse jointing possibilities. Wood is additionally economical, warm, beautiful and ecological.

Tree species have different characteristics, which determine their suitability in various construction stages.

“In Finland, spruce is the most common raw material in residential construction on account of its weather resistance and thermal values. Spruce is strong, lightweight and adaptable, making it an excellent material in load-bearing structures,” says Ari Elovaara, a sales manager with Koskisen.

In addition to load-bearing structures, spruce is often used for exterior cladding. Industrially processed board made from spruce heartwood is a long-lasting option. A spruce board is generally fine sawn, which means paint adheres well to the surface.

Pine, on the other hand, is often further processed for use as a decorating material, furniture and frames. Pine is additionally at its best when used in window and door components and in solid wood mouldings.

Spruce for the sauna, pine for the floor

In addition to load-bearing structures, timber is widely used in decor and in various internal structures. Wood brings warmth to decor, and it is an ecological choice to boot.

Wood can be used for just about any interior decoration purpose in the home, but it is most commonly used in the sauna, as a ceiling material, and for walls, floors and various worktops. The best option for sauna boards and wall panelling is healthy spruce with few knots.

Spruce is generally the preferred choice for ceiling panels, as it retains a beautiful light colour better than pine does. Knot-free spruce is largely industrially treated either with white lacquer or white wax. Pine also makes an excellent ceiling panel, although it is no longer used as much as spruce is.

Laminate and parquet flooring are popular choices, but a floor can also be laid with solid wood boards. Pine boards are often used as a floor material, and they can be lacquered or waxed to improve the floor’s wear resistance. A wood floor is a warm and timeless option.

Among Finnish wood species, birch is a good choice for worktops thanks to its hardness and durability. Kitchen worktops and shelves, for example, can be made of gluelam birch panels, which are durable and easy to machine. Other application areas for gluelam birch panels are stairs, frames and window sills, to name a few.

Koskisen offers a wide range of high-quality timber products

Koskisen spruce timber is durable and of an extremely high quality, making it a good choice for structural timber used in roof structures, rafters and wall structures. All structural timber is strength-graded, CE marked and planed smooth. Koskisen’s latest product is a fire-retardant exterior cladding board made from Finnish spruce.

“Our spruce products are industrially treated with primer and intermediate paint and, if required, with a fire-retardant. Our decorative products made from pine are not treated; instead we sell the panels to surface finishers, who then treat the wood,” explains Koskisen Sales Manager Jorma Metsola.