VETOKATTO™ – Major roofing innovation for weather protection and safe installation

Installing VETOKATTO is quick and easy.

Lauri and Leevi Ahonen’s invention VETOKATTO™, productised in collaboration with Koskisen Oy, enables high-quality, fast and safe roof installation and weather-protecting – in as little as one hour. The factory-made, easy-to-install roofing innovation protects the house from the elements and moisture and forms a permanent part of the roof structure.

Lauri and Leevi Ahonen developed the innovation.

Lauri and Leevi Ahonen

The latest innovation in the construction industry, VETOKATTO™ (patent application 201 459 50), developed by Lauri and Leevi Ahonen, is manufactured with certified Finnish wood at Koskisen’s roof truss factory. VETOKATTO™ is installed immediately after the wall elements have been erected, and speeds up and simplifies the building project.  Even large detached houses can be protected from the elements in just a few hours. VETOKATTO™ additionally reduces material waste and makes the final roof installation safer. Many of the serious accidents that occur in the construction industry happen during the roof installation.

The roof installation is carried out by trained and authorised installation crews immediately after the wall elements have gone up. Thereafter, the inside of the house remains dry, and it is easy to continue working on the roof.

“Factory conditions, quality materials and installation certificates ensure that the builder and home owner receive a high-quality product. Fine workmanship and well-functioning solutions also enhance the house’s resale value in the long run. This is an excellent innovation,” says Juha Kohonen, Director of Koskisen Houses.

Brothers Lauri and Leevi, who own the company Brand Building Oy, have been working in construction with their father for many years now. The idea for VETOKATTO came about during a house-building project of their own a few years ago.

“It was November and the roof trusses we were installing were at times frozen and covered in frost, and the surfaces were very slippery. It occurred to us that roofs are really slow and dangerous to build. One late night, as we were driving home from the building site, we had a great idea for how to build the roof faster and safer. We developed a functional scale model and started to look for a good manufacturing partner. We decided on Koskisen because of their good reputation and their truss factory,” the brothers recount.

VETOKATTO has been tested on many homes during spring and summer. See how quickly and easily VETOKATTO is installed in this animation.


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