“KoskiTherm was the quickest alternative”

Easy and quick solution for floor heating

Easy and quick solution for floor heating

Ilkka Haavisto is building a house on the grounds of the Hyvinkää Housing Fair and he has only six months to completely finish the log house following the erection of the frame. This is why he chose the quickest building methods available – among them, KoskiTherm underfloor heating boards, which made it possible to install the water-circulating underfloor heating system in just one day.

Ilkka Haavisto, who is largely doing the building work himself, also has experience of installing underfloor heating the traditional way, in-between spaced boards.

“When our first home was being built, it took several days to install the spaced boards. Then the aluminium plates and the underfloor heating pipes were installed, followed by several other layers of various materials before the parquet could be installed. I was drawn to KoskiTherm for its high quality and the convenient installation of the product. Cutting the boards to the right size was no problem, and I was easily able to install them myself. I installed both the boards and the underfloor heating pipes upstairs and downstairs in a single day! All that is needed is the step sound insulation and then I can start installing the parquet.”

Developed in co-operation by Koskisen and Uponor

Haavisto is confident that KoskiTherm is also an energy-efficient solution: “With the underfloor heating pipes right underneath the parquet flooring, the room temperature can be effectively adjusted according to outside temperatures.

”The pipe plans for Haavisto’s home came from Uponor, which was involved in developing the KoskiTherm board. In Haavisto’s home, the KoskiTherm boards were installed on top of the floor joists also upstairs, thanks to the sufficiently dense joist spacing.

“The product lived up to its promise: the installation was just as easy and quick as expected. Compared to conventional installation methods, KoskiTherm was a substantially faster way to get the job done.”

Superior properties

The KoskiTherm system is based on Uponor’s water-circulating underfloor heating system with 17 or 20 mm piping and Koskisen chipboard mill’s 22 or 30 mm thick chipboard panels, depending on the diameter of the piping, with pre-machined grooves.

The KoskiTherm board makes no use of adhesives, which means no extra drying time is required. The board is supplied in a convenient size and is immediately ready for use. The final floor can, depending on the material, be installed directly over the board, or over a gypsum or structural board covering the piping.

In May and June, Sales Manager Jari Laine from Koskisen Chipboard will tour, together with other Koskisen’s sales and product managers, all KoskiTherm retailers and give them product training.

“The product has plenty of superior properties which many are not yet familiar with. It is a ready-to-install, convenient, speedy and energy-efficient solution that saves both time and labour costs for the builder. After this summer, all our retailers will be aware of its properties,” Laine concludes.

Puukeskus in Oulu, northern Finland, is a retailer of KoskiTherm, and has delivered the product all the way to southern Finland. According to Pertti Saarela, who is in charge of purchases at Oulu’s Puukeskus, KoskiTherm has been selling well.

“Consumers have shown a healthy interest in the product. Now that our personnel have been trained in selling the product, we have all the competence needed,” Saarela says.

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KoskiTherm is easy and quick solution for floor heating

KoskiTherm is easy and quick solution for floor heating