Europe’s largest wooden apartment block keeps Koskisen Houses busy

Wall elements makes in Koskisen Houses

Wall elements makes in Koskisen Houses

Koskisen Houses delivers exterior and intermediate wall elements and roof elements to the largest wooden apartment block in Europe under construction in Vantaa, Finland. The main contractor for the apartment block that, in part, rises to seven storeys, which is due for completion by the 2015 housing fair, is Rakennusliike Reponen Oy.

The manufacture of the elements provides work for 15 Koskisen Houses employees for nearly a year. Koskisen Houses will manufacture 15,000 m2 of wall elements and 3,200 m2 of roof for the wooden apartment block which will contain 186 apartments.

Fire-safe wooden apartment block

The Vierumäki house factory will deliver around 1,000 finished elements to the construction site this year, equalling 200 lorry-loads. This also means work for local transport companies.

Fire safety is an issue that always comes up in the context of wooden apartment blocks. The Finnish building code on wooden apartment blocks requires the installation of automatic extinguishing systems throughout the buildings. The fire safety of the Vantaa apartment block is guaranteed through sprinklers installed in all the stairways and apartments – the residents can go to sleep with peace of mind.

Weather-protected construction

The construction work on the wooden apartment block is in full swing: the foundations are ready and the first floor is under construction. The wooden elements will be installed in three sections this autumn. The work will be performed in a tent for protection against weather. The manufacture of the wall and roof elements has been started at Koskisen’s house factory early this year in order to be ready to deliver the elements for the first section in week 30.

Koskisen is an expert in building with wood

Koskisen Houses is renowned as a competent and professional manufacturer of demanding wood elements in Finland. In recent years, deliveries have been made to several large-scale, challenging wood construction sites. The factory has also recently invested in a large-element production line and modernised the old production line to better serve the needs of professional building.

Outline drawing of wooden apartment

Outline drawing of wooden apartment